by Basal Gang

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released September 9, 2014

Engineered & Produced by Jaime Marcelo at Real Brave Audio
Mastered by Ray Marte at Westfall Recording Company NY

Adam Debbarh
Amir Toussi
Adam Bauch

Jackie Acosta, vocals on tracks 2, 5
Sam Mothman, vocals on tracks 2, 3, 5
Jaime Marcelo, vocals on track 5



all rights reserved


Basal Gang New York, New York

a. debbarh - vox/bass
a. toussi - guitar
a. bauch - drums

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Track Name: Friday Night Lockjaw
Take me down those illegible roads
Head down, no sunlight
Streets are packed at this unreasonable hour
And I can barely see

Friday night, come back to me

Chips stacked
I love you
So be good to me
And I'll be good to you

Skies getting a few shades
Lighter than black
And closer to blue

Friday night, I love you so
You be good to me, I'll be good to you
Track Name: Ellen
six hour power
keep me bearing water
plastic floating in my ocean
now my egg cracked
and now i'm melting through my fingers

my dreams could be what i need
but i'll ignore it
they're probably liars anyway
cover it with spray paint

turn my shell to the light
make me leave
smash my brain inside my head
to make me see

flip my brain in my head
make me want some
and take my face
invade my space

if you thought i was wading
well my boots are too short
and water is rushing in
Track Name: JB
when you think it's just a secret
but everybody knows

tryna help myself
but nothings in my way
and everyone's always gone
you're all alone
i know that feeling
all too well
i know that feeling
all too well

get a grip
hold on tight
loose ends
lose friends

when you think it's just a secret
but everybody knows

skyward bound
but you can't lift off
Track Name: Fumble at Every Handshake
seeing how it's too late now
i might as well
oh these walls?
i'm sick of staring at them
sick of my burning insides

keep it so down deep
burn and bury that
some days come back again
so we put up walls (oh those walls)
what ever color they may be

seeing how it's too late now
i might as well
Track Name: Entitled
wake in the morning and smell the cinnamon
i can't believe you'd be my friend again
i go to work and smell the chemicals
the smell is sweet but i feel that this love is abysmal
get home at 4, lay down on the floor
alone in my room, i hear the boom.

i finally woke up
and at best, this is a simple mess
it's 9 on the dot, cut scene to a gathering
space filled cups, erase the place to trace my face

and i
i cant seem to unstick the sound
from my ears

and i
i cant seem to unstick the straight simple sounds
from my ears

it's friday night
cut scene to a gathering
space filled cups

it's 9 on the dot
cut scene to a gathering
and fumble at every handshake

can't stop feeling it
keep my eyes down
can't stop hearing it
i plug my ears in

you don't deserve shit
entitled reveries
appalling who restores
spark the thoughts if there are means to make it